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portrait, commercial, fashion, sports

+49 176 / 38365914

Alexander Schuktuew


studied Photojournalism & Documentary Photography in Hannover.
assisted the Portrait Photographer Oliver Mark in Berlin 

The Movie "JESS" is free to watch on Youtube:




2024 march/april Book Release "EISZEIT", Ingolstadt at ERC Vip Lounge

2024 october       "Zu Tisch mit ..." Städtische Galerie Ingolstadt


2023 ZU ASCHE, ZU STAUB , P3 Ingolstadt
2021 BOOK RELEASE "INGOLSTADT", Städtische Galerie Ingolstadt

2019 BUTTER BROT PAPIER, Ingolstadt

2016 Converse Black and White, Chuck Taylor 2 Release, Berlin

2015 Is this real, Ingolstadt

2014 of waste and time, Eichstätt
2010 Ein Fuchs in der Igelstadt, Ingolstadt


2019  ILLUMINATA NOCTA EST// with Rene Arbeithuber "PRODUCT VISION", München

2014 Levi´s Spot Delivery Book Release, Berlin

2013 Mosaik Istanbul, Hamburg

2012 Versus, Nacht der Museen, Ingolstadt

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